Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program (2 ½ to 5 years) is based on learning through play. Teachers plan activities following the High Scope Curriculum where children work through developmentally-appropriate individual and group activities. Learning through play encourages large and small muscle development to help your child grow.

We provide social-emotional, language, and cognitive based experiences designed to help your child contiue to build upon the developmental progress they have made in our Infant and Toddler Programs. Through art, music, early literacy and mathematics, our activities keep your child physically and intellectually engaged while satisfying their curiosity!


In Preschool programs we focus on communication skills, both speaking and listening. Problem-solving skills and techniques are included and explored. These are learned and developed through our play-based activities as well as positive interactions with teachers and other students.

Children are encouraged to talk to each other about conflict and problems. Some children at this age may be shy or choose to watch at the boundaries of an activity. We create space for individual preferences in various levels of activity.

Independence is encouraged through self-directed (free choice) activities and self-help is promoted during routine activities such as eating, toileting, handwashing and so forth.  Your child begins to gain freedom while under the watchful eye of our professional child care teachers. We are always ready to guide and support your child’s ongoing developmental progress and growth.